Liberal International

LI President of Honour welcomes continuation of EU sanctions against Russia

Liberal International , vrijdag 30 januari 2015

The President of Honour said: “I applaud the unity of the Foreign Affairs Council to continue the sanctions against Russia and to consider further sanctions if Russia does not stop its intervention in Mariupol”.

The LI President of Honour is the spokesperson of LI full member ALDE Group on Russia and Ukraine and was on the ground in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, and at the Maidan protests in 2014, where he addressed thousands of protesters as he led the European Parliament election observer mission to Ukraine.

Ukraine, Russia and Europe have featured prominently during LI’s most recent statutory events. At its 193th Executive Committee meeting in Hong Kong, LI adopted an urgency resolution and at LI’s 59th Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where the ambassador of Ukraine to the Netherlands spoke out against Russia’s actions.